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100 Day Challenge: Day One

Jessica Duthu

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.30.58 PM.png

Finding the perfect color palette might be one of my favorite challenges when starting new work. I usually spend way too much time picking colors only to go back to my first initial instinct, but I think for this series we've got some winners.

100 Day Challenge: The Animal Alphabet

Jessica Duthu

I was having lunch with a friend recently and they began talking about gearing up for the 100 Day Project. If you don' t know about this goal setting phenomenon, its a challenge in which you assign yourself a set of personalized goals and then venture out to achieve them, a project a day for a 100 days.

This rocket ship way of smashing your to do list got me thinking, "what would I want to achieve in 100 days?"........Well, create the animal alphabet of course!

So for the next 100 days we will be creating 26 prints of our favorite animals from A-Z, each original pice will be up for grabs as they're released and at the end of the challenge we will be releasing the full collection of prints in one perfectly packaged zoo in our web store. 

Follow along right here or on our Instagram and be sure to check out the 100 Day Project to see who else is tackling the challenge!

LOOPER // A Little Zine for Little Humans // Issue One

Jessica Duthu

We are thrilled to be releasing something SUPER DUPER SPECIAL (and long awaited for)! Introducing LOOPER : A Little Zine for Little Humans!

Each Issue is packed full of puzzles, games, fun kiddo themed articles and most importantly (get those crayons ready!)...doubles as a coloring book!

Our first issue is Monster themed for the little critters in your life and is now available for purchase here!

If you think just one zine just isn't enough, you can sign up for our Monthly Subscription in which you will receive a different issue on your doorstep every month for 6 months!!

Click here to learn more about this special little zine and why we are so excited about its debut!

Photos by the talented: Izzy Hudgins