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Savannah Georgia 31404


An Illustrated Cover for Savannah Magazine

Jessica Duthu

Last week myself and three other local artists were asked by Savannah Magazine to create a cover for their 25th Anniversary issue.

Each of us were allowed to let our imaginations run wild and I chose to Illustrate one of my favorite places on the planet (the city I call home) for the cover and was sure to include as many little personalities as possible.

Can you spy?

- A scary disguise

- A couple of bakers

- A southern tour guide

- A sweet treat

- A cool creative

- A pup with a pal

- A trendy brew


If you'd like to check out my cover for yourself, head on over to the Jepson Center in downtown Savannah GA where it will be on display for the next two weeks! A huge thank you to Savannah Magazine for bringing me on board!