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kindred spirits and a corn maze

strawberry moth

It is hard to describe how beautiful life has been lately. A new engagement, the whirlwind of wedding planning, magnificent fall weather, the hidden works of a secret not yet revealed, and the blossoming of new friendships.

 I had mentioned some time ago that a very special


inspired me to start writing again. Her kindness, unique quirkiness, and stylish charm have captured me since our first email so many months ago. I had secret wishes in the back of my mind that I would get the chance to share some vintage dream days with her.

 Well those wishes turned into a Saturday full of cupcakes, bingo, and excited plans of many more hangout adventures (including vintage dress up photo heart skipped a beat) To add to this hazy eyed dream day, I got the chance to meet the oh so talented blogger and sweet tooth stealer,


. New friends are the greatest gifts!

We three quickly made plans for our next meet-up, a day full of hay rides, pig races, blow up slide bouncing, goat watching, and corn maze mysteries. Needless to say we truly did get lost. But don't you fret, there was plenty of corn stalk punching and kernel throwing to keep our stylish selves busy!





my thoughts aren't far from our next adventure. You two are such truly wonderful ladies.

To the readers, if some strange girl writes you an email telling you she likes your style and wants to hang out, for gosh sakes share a cupcake with her. You never know when treasure friends will come into your life.

xo, Jessie

all photographs were taken by the velvet bird and her wonderful bearded (but now baby faced) husband....aren't they beautiful!