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Savannah Georgia 31404



strawberry moth

I'm been trying my best to stay on my toes. Hip hopping from one thing to the job doing, online store updating, blog blogging, treasure hunting, ice cream breaking, new camera capturing, friend weekend wishing, puppy dog walking, sweet project sewing, cleaning the house pretending, antique booth upkeeping, letter writing and of course a fiancee keeping (did I mention I have one of those?)

Amidst all this busy bodyness I've been trying to finish my collage series...spring shows are fast approaching!

I can hear the words "JUST BREATH!" being screamed from the blog sphere...and in response I would just smile and say, "There is just not enough time in one day!"

This is my most recent work, complied of Vintage Ringling Bros advertisements, playing cards, pattern paper, a 1947 Life mag and some other odds and ends. Sweet Terry boyfriend says it's my best one yet and I quite agree.

Now can you only image if sleep were optional? I would have enough time to make one for all my readers! Well a girl can dream anyway.

xo, Strawberry Moth