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Savannah Georgia 31404



strawberry moth

Where to begin.

These past few days away from my Savannah home have been some of the most incredible, soul searching type days. 

I have been bouncing around the idea of sharing this special story with you all because it is both a personal and heartfelt one. There are so many things behind the fashionable ladies you see on your computer screen and I thought it best to show you a little of my secret life side.

In 2006 I made a life changing decision, I decided to reconnect with my birth mother. 

I was adopted at a very young age and though my childhood was a dream and my adopted family are the most incredible, loving people in the world, I had a desire to reach back into my past and find that part of myself that had always been missing. 

The story of meeting my birth mother for the first time is a long but happy one. In short, finding her was like completing a circle and satisfied so many longings that had been buried for so many years. She is beautiful, loving, and creative. Seeing her happy in her current life was one of the greatest gifts and many hours were spent pouring over photo albums and talking until our voices were lost. I cannot imagine life without my adopted family and now that I've met my birth family, I cannot imagine life without them either. In many ways I get the best of both worlds, two families to share love and life with. I know that many other adopted children don't always have positive experiences when opening up relationships with their birth parents. I have truly been lucky to have such a happy ending.

My birth mother, Jodi

I have had the chance to meet many relatives throughout the past couple years. An uncle, a cousin, a grandmother, a sister, two brothers, and now after just last week.....a grandfather. 

When my birth mom approached me about taking a trip down to Florida to visit her dad, my grandfather, I jumped at the chance. These meetings are extremely precious and I knew this trip would be a special one. I spent every moment taking pictures with my memory, trying not to forget any detail. Every glance at my birth mom, smile from my sister, joke from my grandfather were gifts. The trip was spent lounging on the beach, exploring state parks, eating flordia oranges, listening to my grandfathers karaoke skills, shopping with my sister, sharing stories, and enjoying the little things. 

It was a unforgettable trip.

me, my sister, my birth mother, my grandfather

I truly enjoyed sharing this story with you. 

Tomorrow we will be back to vintage obsessions and outfit inspirations.

For now, hug someone you love.

xo, Strawberry Moth