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The Ultimate Dress Up Dream Day...My Wedding Dress

strawberry moth

What I Wore
Dress: 1950s pale pink prom dress
Head Piece: Twigs & Honey
Necklace: (Something Borrowed) My Mothers.
Shoes: BHLDN

The Story of My Dream Dress...

I have known for years that I wanted to wear a vintage dress to my wedding. If you are a regular reader this fact will be no surprise to you:) I eat, sleep, and breath vintage fashion and I knew that on the day of all days I was going to tie the knot in nothing other than a perfect piece of history.

A couple years ago when I first started training with the vintage shop, I had to travel to Atlanta to meet the big guns and work in their store for a couple days. Atlanta vintage is very different than Savannah vintage and I was googly eyed at all the 50s pieces at the shop. During work breaks I would sneak to the back room where all the high end dresses were kept. This one piece kept pulling at my style heart strings...a 1950s pale pink prom dress with silver and cream applique.
Towards the end of the work day a customer came in asking for a unique vintage dress that could be used for her wedding dress. A fellow sales girl skipped to the back room and grabbed a handful of dresses, including my perfect pink dream dress. My heart dropped as the customer looked at all the dresses, her eyes and hands going towards my dress to try it on. And she did. She tried on the dress, and the whole entire time my brain voice was screaming "Please don't let it fit!!! It's mine!" And as fate would have it, the dress didn't fit! As soon as she left the fitting room, I grabbed my dress and paid for it then and there! Note: I was not engaged at the time, nor had any intention of getting married but I knew with everything I had that I would someday wear that dress on my wedding day.

It is my favorite dress in this entire world, the one dress that makes me feel the most beautiful, the one dress that is truly me. Sigh. I would wear it everyday if I could, but then I guess I'd have nothing to blog about:)

xo, Mrs. Moth

All photos taken by Labor of Love