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Postcards from Paris...Versailles

strawberry moth

Ever since we decided on Paris for our honeymoon destination, I had been aching to go to Versailles. Not only due to my obsession with Marie Antoinette but also for my extreme love for old lavish homes and palaces. We chose to dedicate an entire day to one of the most lavish and famous palaces of them all! So I strapped on my powdered wig and set forth for a photo filled day with my new hubby.

I'm ready to move in!
I can't imagine how beautiful the gardens are in the spring. We even got to visit Marie Antoinettes' private home on the back of the property. I'm going to have to get a head start on planning a party big enough to fill the halls of Versailles, tables of Maroons to be sure! You're all invited!!!

xo, Mrs. Moth
photos by Mr. Moth